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The founding of the Walnut City Kiwanis Club, on January 24, 1962, was the culmination of several months of planning and recruiting by the sponsoring club, the McMinnville Kiwanis Club, also known as the ‘Noon Club.’ Kiwanis International continually encourages existing clubs to sponsor new clubs, and because the Noon Club became aware that many of it’s members were finding it more and more difficult to attend a noon meeting, they set out to form a breakfast club.The first meetings during the organizational period were held at a downtown restaurant, named The Palm Cafe, that was located where the frame shop is now. The organization members from the Noon Club and several prospective candidates for membership met once a week for breakfast. International required 25 members for a charter club, and it took some time to recruit that number.The name “Walnut City Kiwanis” was chosen because at one time McMinnville was known around the state as the “Walnut City”. There were a large number of walnut trees in the city, and the walnut industry was very active at that time. A professor from Linfield College was chairman of the organizational committee, and proposed that name as well as the first slate of officers.